We have the resources you need in welding – how can we be of service?

Our highly skilled employees are a distinguishing feature of Björneborg Steel, and with the aid of modern equipment we can perform welding services to customer specifications with exact precision. Contact our dedicated sales managers for more information about our welding capabilities.

Welding and sheet metal resources:

Welding robot/automation stations:

  • IGM RSH – 200/260C (IGM itp4) Max. load: 3000 kg (manipulator)
  • A range of manipulators for objects up to 10,000kg
  • SAW welding station boom length: 3500 mm, Dia.: 4000 mm, X-axis: 4000 mm, Height: 4000 mm, Max. load: 30,000 kg

Manual power sources for steel, duplex, Inconel, aluminium: (>20):

  • MIG/MAG: Current range up to 450 Amps
  • TIG AC & DC: Current range up to 500 Amps
  • MMA: Current range up to 630 Amps
  • Plasma: Current range up to 120 Amps

Heat treatment:

  • Up to 750°C: Length 2500 mm, Width 2000 mm, Height 1900 mm, Max. load 7000 kg
  • Up to 900°C: Length 5500 mm, Width 3500 mm, Height 3200 mm, Max. load ~30,000 kg

Welding approval:

  • ISO 3834-2, quality requirements for welding
  • All welders are approved to SS/EN287-1 and 2.
  • Total of 22 welding certificates, such as INCONEL cladding on F22
  • Svetskommissionen membership/certification since 2012 (Svetskommissionen is a member of IIW and EWF):
  • Member of Achilles International
  • Approval in general construction steel with yield point in tension up to Re700/mm², austenitic manganese steel, duplex steel, INCONEL cladding and heat-treatable aluminium alloy for the following methods:
    • 111 MMA (SMAW) Stick electrode welding
    • 121 SAW, Automatic, arc submerged in granular flux
    • 131 MIG (GWAW) Continuous consumable electrode and shielding gas
    • 135 MAG (GMAW) Continuous consumable electrode and shielding gas
    • 136 FCAW Continuous consumable electrode filled with flux
    • 141 TIG (GTAW) Nonconsumable electrode, slow, high-quality welds

Profile/Section Bending Machines:

  • Smallest girth Ø 300 mm, Largest girth Ø 700 mm
  • Width up to 3500 mm
  • Thickness up to 27 mm

Hydraulic presses:

  • Hydraulic press: Vertical capacity 250 tonnes, Horizontal capacity 150 tonnes
  • Alignment press for shafts: Vertical capacity 315 tonnes


  • Carbon steel/stainless: Length 3050 mm, Thickness 16/10 mm

It’s the steel solution.