From recycled steel to finished product

Björneborg Steel is a company with a forging history since 1656. We meet the toughest specifications within any industry and provide forged components to finish machined projects with the finest tolerances. It’s the steel solution.


Björneborg Steel becomes climate neutral in 2026 with GreenForge®

Björneborg Steel becomes one of the World’s first Open Die free-form forges, with fully integrated production to become climate neutral.

In 2026, the company will implement climate neutral production called GreenForge® in accordance with it’s climate road map.

To succeed with this ambitious time-schedule the company has signed a delivery agreement and a Letter of Intent (LOI) with leading energy suppliers for delivery of renewable gas and to develop climate neutral processes. Various GreenForge® production test campaigns will be carried out, starting during Q2 2022 with certain intervals until the continuous climate neutral production will start in 2026. (for more details see our news archive)