We have the resources you need in milling – how can we be of service?

Our highly skilled employees are a distinguishing feature of Björneborg Steel, and with the aid of modern CNC machines for milling they can machine products or applications to customer specifications with exact precision. We also collaborate with carefully selected partners for additional milling.

We machine products from our own steel plant and forge, but we can also mill products or applications provided by the customer.

Contact our dedicated sales managers for more information about our milling capabilities.


Multi-operation CNC milling machines, a total of 10 machines of different sizes. From 3 to 7-axis machines.

  • Smaller machines for objects of sizes up to: X 1200 mm, Y 750 mm, Z 700 mm, Max. load 1000 kg
  • Larger machines for objects of sizes up to: X 14,100 mm, Y 3000 mm, Z 1630 mm, Max. load 60,000 kg
  • Rotary table for objects of sizes up to: X 2500 mm, Y 2500 mm, Max. load 25,000 kg