We have over 150 steel grades in our portfolio. Custom adjustments on demand. A flexible size range with ingot weights from 4 to 75 tonnes and heat sizes that can be adjusted as requested. Polygonal-shaped and selected sizes in rounds dimensions. The alloy content of the steel we produce can be as high as 15%.

Forged bars

Our flexible dimension programme consists of rounds up to 1300 mm, with excellent material properties. Our well-equipped machine shop can turn bars up to 24 metres and of course we have saws to match our dimension range.

Forged blocks

Our modern press can forge blocks with widths up to 1950 mm with good forging ratios. Our steel is known for its cleanliness and the material has a very homogeneous hardness structure with small differences between surface and core. Sharp corners and excellent surface finishes characterise their condition upon delivery. The material can of course be machined on all sides if requested.