Deep Sea Forgings

Our facility has been delivering Deep Sea Forgings in Low Alloy or Carbon Steel grades since the mid 90’s. For Oil & Gas we produce forgings in grades such as A182 F22, A707, A694 F65, 4340, 4130 and 8630. We would also be able to accommodate specific alterations to grades in order to meet specific project requirements.

We also have a good track record of handling welding of our forgings either as Forging to Forging or clad welding overlay in seal areas or ID. We can optimize the forgings for the specific welding and adapt the welding to optimize the final properties.

The most common Deep Sea Forgings are: Stress Joint Forgings, Tension Joint Forgings, other riser forgings, Pin/Box connectors, Block shaped forgings and Wye’s & Tee’s.