Open-die forging at its best

Our high-quality forging tradition began 350 years ago, making us one of the oldest forges in the world. The forge shop is something of a key stage in our production chain. We have the very best prerequisites: experienced, skilled forge workers who have mastered the art of forging products up to 25 metres and 45 tonnes in size. This knowledge of forging and material science allows us to be a flexible and reliable supplier of complex applications. We use a powerful hydraulic ”pull-down” forging press with a pressure force of 4500 tonnes, and an impressive manipulator that can handle complicated forgings and goods weighing up to 80 tonnes.


  • Forging manipulator: Max. 80 tonnes and 200 tonne-metres
  • Forging press: Pull-down type, 3600/4500-tonne forging/upsetting
  • Ingot heating: Heating at 50°C/h from 700°C to 1150-1250°C

It’s the steel solution.