Riser Forgings

We produce a wide range of riser forgings such as specialty joints named Stress joints, Keel joints, Transition joints, Tension joints, Extension joints, Slick joints, Telescopic joints, Pup joints and many more. Covering a range of applications for Drilling, Production, Water Injection and Workover Systems. Length Adjustment Joints for TLP’s is another similar product we produce.

We are also a source for delivering standard joints either based on fully forged HPHT joints on shallow water or CWOR joints were we manufacture pin/box connectors and weld onto pipe and handle the full manufacturing execution to deliver fully tested joints ready for installation.

All riser forgings can be delivered as Raw material to you or as a truly turnkey delivery including, welding, finish machining including threads, coating, assembly, pressure testing. All based on your design and desired properties.