High-quality customised steel products

What meets your needs?

We are a hub of technical know-how, engineering capacity, product development and production. We offer complete products to the steel, industry, power gen, marine, machine and oil and gas markets. We have a high level of metallurgical expertise and strong market positions in our product areas. We offer a broad range of products, weighing from 50 kg to 75 tonnes, in lengths up to 24 metres.

Our products


We produce high-quality products customised to your specifications. Whether you need ingots, rounds, bars or blocks. We can deliver.

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Our power gen products include shafts for generators and motors, pole plates and hydro shafts, as well as steam and compressor shafts.

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Björneborg Steel produce long, slender Marine products for further refinement. We also take care of entire projects…

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Our Oil & Gas projects are executed by a dedicated team to ensure that we deliver products in accordance with Oil & Gas industry standards.

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