VIP Steel

Makes every product that bit better.

Our VIP steels are developed to match customers’ constant need to reduce the total cost of ownership by improving product performance and reducing product prices in comparison to comparable products available on the market.

What is VIP?
VIP is the registered trademark for our products that are VIP treated. VIP stands for Value added, Isotropy, Performance, which are the three main characteristics of our VIP steels. The majority of our products can be delivered as VIP products, with very high toughness, extra high hardenability, very high strength or a combination of all three. VIP grades are developed based on our in-house know-how and have been applied and tested in real applications, such as the bearing industry, hot-cold work tool steel and oil and gas products, since 2005.

Value Added
For many applications, VIP steels are economic replacements for ESR steels. VIP steels can be delivered as clean as ESR steels and, depending on the reduction ratio of the final forged product, they can have segregation patterns equal to those of ESR steels.

By applying our VIP grades that have a combination of super cleanliness and modified inclusions, and that are engineered to favour the final product application, it is possible to increase the products’ fatigue life under cyclic loading. This reduces the total cost of ownership and results in added value for our customers.

Our VIP grades have well-distributed, small, spherical inclusions that react similarly to external loads regardless of the direction of the load (longitudinal or transverse), which makes VIP steels isotropic steels.

Synergised super cleanliness and modified inclusion morphology, volume fraction and dispersion make it possible to increase the dynamic load-carrying capacity of products and can improve mechanical properties such as fatigue, ductility, toughness, anisotropy and formability. This allows the customer to apply VIP grades in highly demanding applications and to those products that are classified as high-performance products.

It’s the steel solution.