22 februari, 2022

Meet our new Sales and Marketing Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kalle Ladekvist as our new Sales and Marketing Director.He replaces Håkan Dedorsson who have had a double role […]
18 januari, 2022

Björneborg Steel becomes climate neutral in 2026 with GreenForge®

Björneborg Steel becomes one of the World’s first Open Die free-form forges, with fully integrated production to become climate neutral. In 2026, the company will implement […]
3 november, 2021

Björneborg Steel is creating interest for industrial engineering

In addition to our collaboration with local education centers, we were visited by participants from an ERASMUS project with the aim to create interest for Industrial […]
7 oktober, 2021

Björneborg Steel AB wins marine order in excess of 2,5 MEUR

Björneborg Steel AB have been awarded an order package in excess of 2,5 MEUR. The Order consists of propeller shafts and intermediates shafts for several ships […]
6 maj, 2021

New CEO at Björneborg Steel AB

Our present CEO, mr Leif Rosén is leaving his current role and is taking a role as a board member in Björneborg Steel AB. Mr Håkan […]
19 oktober, 2020

Bishop visiting Björneborg Steel

We had the privilege to receive a visit from our bishop Sören Dalevi on the 8th of October. The bishop’s grand father was a forging operator […]
8 maj, 2020

Björneborg Steel acquires part of Blue Future Höje in Kristinehamn

Björneborg Steel AB has acquired part of the operation from Blue Future Höje AB in bankruptcy in Kristinehamn. The acquisition is related to the part of […]
17 mars, 2020

COVID-19 update

We would like to give to give the following update of current situation at Björneborg Steel AB.  Our region is not heavily affected (some imported cases […]
18 februari, 2020

Björneborg Steel AB secures large marine order

Björneborg Steel AB recently secured a large order package to an approximate value of 4,5MEUR. The orders consist of forged propeller shafts to be delivered as […]